1. Take a picture and/or a short video with #IHaveTheRightTo _________

2. Post to social media with the hashtag #IHaveTheRightTo

3. Invite your friends to participate

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NOTE: You can do this anonymously or by showing your face.

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A statement from the St Paul’s Survivor: #IHaveTheRightTo find my voice and to use it when I am ready. #IHaveTheRightTo be called a survivor, not an “alleged victim” or “accuser”. #IHaveTheRightTo spend time with someone and be safe. #IHaveTheRightTo say NO and be HEARD. #IHaveTheRight to not be shamed and bullied into silence. #IHaveTheRightTo not be isolated by the crime against me or by people who want to shame me. #IHaveTheRightTo name what happened to me because being sexually assaulted is never excusable or “complicated”. There is no perfect victim. #IHaveTheRightTo be happy, sad, upset, angry, and inspired anytime during the process of my healing without being judged. But most importantly, #IHaveTheRightTo stand with you.

Support for Survivors



Last summer, the “St Paul’s Rape Case” prompted an important conversation about sexual assault and bullying in high school. She has decided to come forward and claim her rights - and help others do the same. The survivor in this case has decided to be a voice for others and refuses to be ashamed or silenced.

#IHaveTheRightTo is a social media campaign that engages participants to be a positive force for change bringing safety and respect to pop culture.

Congresswoman Ann Kuster recognizing the courage of 17 year old Chessy Prout who shattered the silence of sexual violence and launched #IHaveTheRightTo project with PAVE.