PAVE is proud to partner with Chessy for the launch of #IHaveTheRightTo. 

Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE) is a national nonprofit that works to shatter the silence and prevent sexual violence. PAVE speakers have trained over 50,000 college students, over 2,500 professionals and over 1,000 military service members. PAVE works to engage young men and women in a positive way to end sexual and dating violence. PAVE Founder, Angela Rose, was asked to speak at the White House Summit for Women and Girls  and several PAVE Ambassadors contribute to the White House Taskforce to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. PAVE members are frequent guests on national media including: CNN, FOX and MSNBC. 

SafeBAE (Before Anyone Else)

In 2016, PAVE launched the campaign SafeBAE (Before Anyone Else) with four survivors of sexual assault in high school who are featured in the upcoming film Audrie & Daisy premiering on Netflix September 23. SafeBAE is a student-focused, survivor-driven campaign whose mission is to raise awareness about sexual assault in middle and high schools and student’s rights under Title IX. SafeBAE focuses on preventing dating violence and sexual assault by giving students the tools to change peer culture, end bullying/re-victimization, and advocate for consent and safe relationship

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Audrie & Daisy Film: Host a Screening of Audrie & Daisy in your community that premiered at Sundance and is coming out on Netflix September 23 - Click here.

Know Your IX Rights in High School: PAVE's SafeBAE campaign created a Title IX PSA and Factsheet - share on social media! Click here.

Consent Is Campaign: Bring our Consent Is campaign to your community! Click here.