In 2015, the “St Paul’s School Rape Case” (Associated Press) prompted an important conversation about sexual assault in high school -- about secondary victimization through institutional failures, complicity, and the resulting bullying of survivors in communities. #IHaveTheRightTo started as a social media campaign to engage participants to be a positive force for gender equity and change and bring safety and respect to survivors of sexual crimes. Since its inception as a social media campaign, many people have come forward and shared their experiences, resilience, and dedication to helping others to form the foundation for I Have The Right to Org., an organization formed by the Prout family and supported by survivors and advocates that promises to be a place of support for those who have experienced sexual violence, and for those who care about them.


I Have The Right To encourages communities and loved ones to listen, learn, and act: hear survivors’ accounts without prejudice and fault-finding, understand how sexual assault devastates and affects people, and provide a loving community for victims of sexual violence, one that is growing every minute around the world, and learn how to help children achieve an education free from sexual assault.


I Have the Right To Org. was formed around the idea that survivors need community, not silence and isolation. That’s why when we first set out to establish our organization we invited people from our international community over the years to be a part of our efforts. Our logo designer Mayuka Thais is an accomplished artist on a multitude of fronts: an artist and teacher, a multi-lingual actor, and a singer/songwriter. She also happened to be Chessy’s pre-school teacher in Tokyo, as well as her little sister’s pre-school teacher 7 years later. Mayuka was the first person Chessy and I called to ask if she would be able to help design a logo. Together, they came up with the image you see, based on the belief that your heart, your soul and your body is sacred. The crossed arms across one’s heart signifies a pose to protect one’s self. It also signifies that you have the right to your heart always --- and the belief that no one can take your heart - or soul - without your consent!


Susan Prout, Co-Founder and Executive Director of I Have The Right To Org Inc. works with survivors and their families, schools and communities to support survivors of sexual assault in high school and middle school.  Her involvement in this work began in 2014 after her daughter, Chessy Prout, was sexually assaulted as a freshman at St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH. Susan advocates for a transformed justice system that conforms to ethical standards that do not involve blaming and shaming the victim, acknowledges the biology of the brain in traumatic situations and ensures sexual assault victims’ rights as equivalent to the rights’ of other crime victims. 
Chessy Prout is a high school sexual assault survivor. Raised in Japan, she matriculated to St. Paul’s School—a boarding school in New Hampshire,  There, as a freshman, Chessy was the victim of a sexual assault. Her case and eventual trial garnered national and international media attention. In 2017, Chessy co-founded I Have The Right To Org. She has traveled around the country and internationally, sharing her story, and encouraging survivors to know and assert their most basic rights. Chessy is also a student at Barnard College and continues to use her voice to advocate and let other survivors know they aren’t alone.
Lucy Prout works with I Have The Right To as an advisor and is an advocate for survivors of sexual violence. Passionate about transformative consent education and access to justice, Lucy strongly believes each survivor has the right to their own healing process. After studying Justice and Peace Studies and Women and Gender Studies at Georgetown University, Lucy moved across the country to work as a field organizer in the 2018 midterm elections in a red-to-blue district and later worked as Press Secretary in the U.S. House of Representatives. Whether she’s working in digital media, academia, or politics, Lucy is committed to transforming systems to work for the people they serve.
Callie Grunwald is a junior at Princeton University, where she studies Anthropology, Gender and Sexuality, as well as Creative Writing. She was raised in New York City, where she attended the Nightingale Bamford School. Reading “I Have The Right To” inspired Callie to share her own story of sexual assault with the hope of normalizing survivorship and starting vital conversations in her community, normalizing survivorship, and emphasizing the necessity of honest education about consent. She plans to continue supporting survivors throughout college and beyond.