In this video made for Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, Alex and Susan Prout discuss how their lives were also devastated by their daughter Chessy's rape at the prestigious St. Paul's School and the subsequent trial that attracted national and international attention. Here they offer heartfelt advice for private school parents.


In May 2014, while a freshman at the prestigious prep school, St. Paul’s in Concord, NH, Chessy Prout was sexually assaulted. After shedding her anonymity in 2016, Chessy is now sharing her story and hoping to help empower sexual assault survivors.


The victim of sexual assault at the prestigious St. Paul’s School when she was 15, Chessy Prout is now the author of “I Have the Right To,” a new memoir about her ordeal and subsequent activism. She tells TODAY’s Hoda Kotb: “I wanted to reclaim my name, reclaim my story." is a community. One of our key goals is to share the stories of survivors to inspire others to survive too. You are not alone. The individuals on these pages volunteered to share their stories exclusively with "I Have The Right To" and are courageously stepping forward to reach out to all of us to join hands and be heard, be believed, and be supported.