About I Have The Right To Org Inc.

In 2015, the “St Paul’s Rape Case” prompted an important conversation about sexual assault and bullying in high school. The survivor, Chessy Prout, decided to come forward and claim her rights - and help others do the same. She decided to be a voice for others and refused to be ashamed or silenced.  #IHaveTheRightTo started as a social media campaign to engage participants to be a positive force of change and bring safety and respect to all cultures.  Since its inception as a social media campaign, many have come forward and given their experience, intelligence, resources, and passion to take “#IHaveTheRightTo” and evolve it to a new organization that promises to be the safe place where survivors and families of survivors can come to find support, belief in their accounts of what has occurred in their lives, advocacy for their rights, and a loving community that is growing every minute around the world.  

Chessy writes about her experiences in her memoir I Have the Right To: A High School Survivor’s Story of Sexual Assault, Justice, and Hope. Learn more at ihavetherighttobook.com.